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Day 2: Bintan Getaway

Good morning Bintan!
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Bintan Getaway: A night at the Resort

After the relaxing massage, time to hit the road again and travel fo
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Day 1: Bintan Getaway

One night, my cousins and I suddenly discussed on having a break som
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Singapore Itinerary: Make your Parents and Granny Proud

There are a lot of ways to give back to our parents and grandparents, and one of these is a trip
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    • Turon With A Twist
      Turon With A Twist
      Peel the bananas and cut into halves Cut the jackfruit into strips about half inch width Put a...
    • Oregon Park East
      Oregon Park East
      One of the beautiful parks in Oregon, Illinois is the 23-acre Oregon Park East divided by River...
    • The Boat Tour: Geneva Lake
      The Boat Tour: Geneva Lake
      The boat tour is one of the must-do activities in Lake Geneva. We departed from the Riviera Docks,...
    • Precious Moments: Visitor Centre and Gift Shop
      Precious Moments: Visitor Centre and Gift Shop
      Visitor's Center is the first place that we found right after the main entrance. Upon entering the...
    • Cebu
      I've started collecting snow globes from Philippines and my first one is from Cebu.

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