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Mountain Spirits

Nearly every October, I journey into the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado to bask in the warm days and crisp, cool nights of fall, and to find that quiet inner peace that a moment of high country autumn light and shimmering aspen gold can provide to the soul. While the San Juan Mountains offer some of the most famous fall vistas in all of photography, I now look more for lesser-known scenes than the iconic autumn locations that draw so many photographers to these mountains...
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iPhone XS Max For Nature Photography

In addition to being a photographer, I own and run a fine-art print lab out of my gallery in Monterey, California. Because of that, I see a lot of files from a lot of different cameras come across my computer screen and through my printers. Recently, I printed a series of images that were fairly large in size. Some were 31x36 inches and others an even larger 36x42 inches. And I was shocked at what I was seeing. Shocked!..
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George Lepp To Receive NANPA Lifetime Achievement Award

In the very first issue of Outdoor Photographer, published in June 1985, readers were introduced to George Lepp’s “Tech Tips” column. In that issue, Lepp advised readers on topics including how to store color film in their vehicles on longer road trips (use a Styrofoam icebox, sans ice); inexpensive alternatives to bellows and extension tubes for macro techniques; how to photograph through aquarium glass without capturing your own reflection; tricks for keeping your film camera free of lint when changing rolls; and best practices for cleaning lenses...
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