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Wild Japan

While Japan is slightly smaller than California, it extends from latitudes 24 degrees to 46 degrees North, across nine forest ecoregions, making it possible for a surprisingly diverse number of species of wildlife and flora to call the stratovolcanic archipelago home. The wide range of climatic zones opens up year-round photo opportunities throughout the country...
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Epic Photo Road Trip

In April 2017, I set off in my small RV, a 1999 Roadtrek 190 Popular, on an epic photo road trip from Maine to Alaska. I had dreamed about going full time on the road for quite a while, and in the summer of 2016 I finally set things in motion. I bought the old RV and started to get rid of things I didn't need. By the time I left, I had downsized my life as much as possible, leaving a few things behind to figure out later, but I took everything I needed with me to live and work out of my RV...
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Last Frame: A Mouthful

“European hamsters (Cricetus cricetus), sadly, are a threatened species nowadays,” notes Austrian-based photographer Henrik Spranz. “They’re much larger than the Syrian hamsters or dwarf hamsters, which are the ancestors of the well-known pet hamsters. The wild European hamsters are extinct or almost extinct in many European countries, but here in Austria you can still find them—even as urban wildlife. I waited some hours to get a shot when the hamster came back from foraging in the evening with its cheek pouches already full, but it decided to try and get this clover in as well.”..
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