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  • Photo Of The Day By Laura Zirino
    Photo By Laura Zirino Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Watching the Storm” by Laura Zirino. Location: White Sands National Monument, New Mexico. “The day I arrived at White Sands, a st...
    Staff / 19-Nov
  • Cameras Take The Picture, Photographers Make The Picture...
    Don’t you absolutely love it when a friend “compliments” your photos by saying you must have a great camera! My favorite retort is, “Yes, I taught it everything it knows.” While i...
    Text & Photography By Russ Burden / 19-Nov
  • Photo Of The Day By Alex Speijer
    Photo By Alex Speijer Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Wild Goose Reflection” by Alex Speijer. Location: Glacier National Park, Montana. “Sunset at Wild Goose Island overlook,” describ...
    Staff / 18-Nov
  • Photo Of The Day By Kyle Jones
    Photo By Kyle Jones Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Yosemite Moonbow and Milky Way” by Kyle Jones. Location: Yosemite National Park, California. “Yosemite Falls captured by the light ...
    Staff / 17-Nov
  • Photo Of The Day By Mark Ogden
    Photo By Mark Ogden Today’s Photo Of The Day is “The Glen of Pools” by Mark Ogden. Location: Watkins Glen State Park, New York. “The classic Watkins Glen photo is Rainbow Falls, b...
    Staff / 16-Nov

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