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Cruise Stop Mykonos: Things To Do In Mykonos Greece

Things To Do In Mykonos, Greece Island of the Winds is the perfect nickname for Mykonos, the incredibly spectacular whitewashed Greek Island paradise in the heart of the Cyclades. Once a quiet, relatively unknown island, that all changed in the 1950s with the arrival of Aristotle and Jackie Onassis and other celebrities who transformed Mykonos […]..
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Best Walking Tours in Florence

Top Walking Tours in Florence Florence is easily one of the most recognizable places in Italy for tourists. The capital of the picturesque region of Tuscany, Florence has been important as early as the medieval times. Today, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a highly touristy place with millions of visitors a year! And the […]..
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3 Days in Paris Itinerary for First Time Visitors

3 Days in Paris Itinerary – The Perfect Paris Itinerary for First Time Visitors As we walked hand in hand along the Seine River at 10 at night, the Eiffel Tower erupted in a dazzling display of light and music. The darkness had just fallen on Paris and the twinkling light show was the perfect […]..
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What To Do in Bath, England

What To Do in Bath, England For First Time Visitors With nice weather our first day, we chose to walk the few miles into town. Bath Abbey and the Roman baths are the physical and historical center of Bath. The majestic Abbey rises to the sky next to the ancient Roman Baths, which has drawn […]..
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Food Safari: Slurping Swedish Oysters

Food Safari: Slurping Swedish Oysters The secret to the best oysters and mussels in the world is quite simple, says Septuagenarian fisherman, Lars Marstone. First, they need to grow in water that stays frigid year-round. Then you must eat them within minutes of plucking them from the sea. Here on the craggy Bohuslan coast of […]..
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20 Best Things To Do In Venice, Italy

Top 20 Things To Do In Venice, Italy Venice is a stunning Italian city that is jam-packed with culture, history, and beauty. This quaint island holds a rich religious history, ancient architecture and 150 beautiful canals. The combination of all these aspects supplies Venice with a charm unmatched by other cities. It’s like stepping into […]..
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10 Traditional Polish Food Dishes You Must Try When You Visit Poland

The Best Traditional Polish Food That Isn’t Pierogi Polish food is widely eaten around the world thanks to globalization and the many Poles living overseas. They bring with them their culture and glorious food. People think of traditional Polish food as being heavy, meat-and-veg type meals. The ones you want to enjoy in winter. This […]..
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Top 14 Things to Do in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Top 14 Things to Do in Belfast, Northern Ireland Belfast, or as it is known in the Irish language Béal Feirste, is the capital city of Northern Ireland. This beautiful city is steeped in history and is a must-visit for those heading to the emerald isle. In the 70’s and 80’s Belfast suffered greatly during […]..
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