What Can You Find in Pike Place Market?

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What Can You Find in Pike Place Market?

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Saturday, 15th August 2015

Our last stop in Seattle was to explore the Pike Place Market - another beloved city landmark visited over 10 million visitors yearly. This century-old 9-acre market is viewing the Elliott Bay, and it is constantly a busy place of the city where you can find farm fresh, locally sourced, artisanal and specialty foods.  In my home country, it is called "tabo" but on a larger scale.

As we enter the bustling alley of the market, I found a couple taking a pose probably for their wedding pictures. Few steps away, I noticed there's a big crowd listening to a group of street performers, playing lovely songs. We passed through a stretch of flower shops then we reached seafood and fish market where I saw those big crabs, shrimps, and lobsters. In different sections of the market, you can find the specialty foods area, crafts, and high stalls. Along the way, I noticed a collectible shop and bought my souvenir there.

There was one special place that we tried to search at Pike Place Market before we leave. Somehow we could not find it, so we just asked around. Finally, we found it and just situated at 102 Pike Street. Why is it special? This remarkable place was the original Starbucks opened in 1971. It was quite memorable for those coffee addicts, like hubby and me. I wanted to check out and curious what is inside the cafe. But seeing the very long line of people waiting to get coffee and it seemed like it was pretty really crowded in the area, I decided to move on and hoping to do it on my next visit. What else can I find in Pike Place Market? A lot more such as wines, Rachel the piggy bank statue, food and more street entertainers.

On our way back, we stayed and took a coffee break at a nearby Starbucks in the market, not the original, though. But that's alright because, in about 2 hours, I will be in another place, for a whole new adventure -- Canada.

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