Per Venizia To Venice


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Per Venizia To Venice

Travel Date:

Sunday, 25th May 2014

This is a quite unique experience since we started the tour few days back. It's not the regular coach ride traveling one country to another country. It's sailing to the islands of Venice. Some of the places we've visited were quite new to me or I just heard during the trip. But Venice is something and one of the places, most people want to visit.

A night before, our tour director reminded us to bring some clothes in our hand carry bags in case the transporting of our luggage from the mainland to Venice will be delayed. We started our boat trip from the mainland at around 14:00 pm.  It was wonderful to see the view as we approached the island, but the cool breeze from the river made me fall asleep.

The vessel docked right in front of the hotel where we stayed for 2 nights then we proceeded to the hotel lobby as instructed by our tour director. The exterior of the building was old, but it has a grandiose lobby. See more pictures and learned at this hotel in the related links.

After we got our room keys, we immediately explored our room and did a quick freshen up. While I was enjoying the view from our hotel room window, I looked down and saw the hotel staff unloading our luggage to our hotel. So we're able to take some stuff which will be needed in our sightseeing walking tour in the afternoon.

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