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Sunday, 25th May 2014

We started our sightseeing tour at noon time in Verona.  We crossed the street towards Piazza Bra we saw the famous Roman Arena at afar. As we got closer, we quickly took some pictures. We continued our tour along the Via Guiseppe Mazzini, Verona’s largest pedestrian zone. The shopping street was so busy and packed with tourists. I've seen most of the major Italian brands and products in this shopping area.

We proceeded to check out Casa di Giulietta or Juliet's House (Balcony). Upon entering the entrance to Juliet's House, there is a wall covered with love letters and bubblegum. Again, it was full of people and all we had to do was to take pictures and get some souvenirs in the nearby shop. Noticed the Statue of Berto Barbarani in Piazza della Erbe with an inscripted words 'Voria Cantar Verona.'  I learned that he was a poet born on 1872 and on died 1945.

Hungry! Tried the street food we found in a sort of flea market for our lunch then of course we had our dessert, a taste of the famous Gelato in Gelateria Mazzini.  Check out the yummy food in relared articles for more info.


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