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Monday, 24th August 2015

Sea to Sky Gondola is another attraction that BC Tourism is offering. This a year old tourist spot in Squamish, British Columbia is the center of the famous Sea-to-Sky Corridor. The corridor is an area in the province covering from Horseshoe Bay in Whistler up to Pemberton Valley and which includes Birken and D'Arcy.  As what their slogan indicated, "Adventure by Nature", it was indeed more than an adventure.

Getting there is an hour drive from downtown Vancouver but on your way there you'll get to experience the Sea to Sky Highway. An amazing drive because you will discover an exciting switch from a coastal highway at sea level then suddenly turned into a vast mountain highway with an elevation of over 700 meters.  Though it was my second time to encounter this route; my first was in Aug 2010 on our way to Whistler.  But I never forget those pleasing to the eyes sites like scenic ocean vistas, soaring mountains, dramatic waterfalls, bustling communities, parks and outdoor activities.

We arrived at our destination about almost 12:00 noon then we immediately went to the ticket counter to get our pass. Waited for few minutes while waiting our turn to ride the Gondola. But time not wasted because I was busy taking pictures of the marvelous ride and the gondola loading station. It was the first attraction, and we rode it for about 10-minute ascending to as high as 885m above sea level.  We're all six in the group so less than the gondola cabin maximum capacity of 8 passengers. Each gondola cabin is designed to be wheelchair and stroller accessible.


As we're gliding up to the mountains, I can't help to take pictures of the amazing view from the top. I said to myself, "This is just the beginning! How much more I will have to see when I reached the top?".


On the top, there were viewing platforms waiting for me. First we went to The Summit Lodge Viewing Deck which is a few steps from gondola unloading station and witnessed the breathtaking view! In front of me is of Howe Sound, our coastal mountain range, and the famous Co-Pilot and Sky Pilot mountain peaks. As they said, "jaw-dropping view!" Yes, indeed.


Another view deck is the Spirit Viewing Platform, which is only 100 meters away from the Summit Lodge. But you have to go through the  Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge or the 150 meters walk through Spirit Trail. Of course, we chose a more thrilling adventure, the suspension bridge. :) How was the experience? Gush! I was a bit scared especially when someone tries to shake or dance or whatever on the bridge. But no worries at all because it's sturdy and safe. I wish I could have taken more pictures, but I was anxious that my mobile phone will slip out from my hand, and it would be impossible to retrieve it. So while walking patiently, my mind was on my phone and my other hand was holding it as there's no way to let it go!


From the Spirit Viewing Platform, I've learned about the history of the Squamish Nation, the tribe who have lived off of the land since before recorded history.


Unfortunately, we missed the Chief Overlook Viewing Platform, which is 800 meters walk from the first viewing deck. I heard it's more thrilling and offers a different view. There is a range of summer and winter activities they are offering. Some of the summer ventures are the hiking trails, rock climbing, and the newly open Via Ferrata (means in Italian "Iron Way"). It is an engineered vertical adventure, assisted by metal rungs and a specialized cable system.  


It means this is not the end of the journey. I have to come back and visit this place again. Next time it will be with my Sole Wanderer. :)


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