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Canon EOS R5 Review For Nature Photography

A brief two years ago, we wrote about a significant breakthrough in photographic technology of particular interest to Canon users: the 30.3-megapixel, full-frame EOS R mirrorless camera. Here we offer a major update in the progression of the EOS R system with a review of the new 45-megapixel Canon EOS R5, two of its dedicated lenses perfect for wildlife photography—the RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1L IS USM and the RF800mm F11 IS STM—and other EOS R5 and EF lens combinations I use in my nature-oriented projects...
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How To Process Winter Photographs

Are you ready? It’s the time of year for shooting winter scenes, determining whether landscape conditions are naughty or nice, making an outdoor gear list and checking it twice and finding and developing those iconic winter wonderlands so you can walk away with memorable photographs. All year we’ve known—winter is coming. But are you ready, now that it’s here? If you’re ready or not, my hope with this article is that you walk away with a deeper understanding of how to approach your winter scenes confidently, so you can expose and process winter photographs with a sense of mastery...
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Behind The Shot: Fairy Dancers

Lake Jesup is located in central Florida and is one of the area’s largest lakes as well as home to a wide variety of wildlife. Living in close proximity to this area affords me many opportunities for observing and photographing wildlife. To better understand their many complexities and behaviors, I’ve spent countless hours watching the wildlife perform different activities and capturing these various endeavors with my camera...
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The Allure Of Winter Landscape Photography

Winter may be cold and intimidating, but its mesmerizing beauty makes it worth the challenge to capture its magic with your camera. Winter landscape photography has a truly dreamlike allure. Fresh snow leaves the landscape untouched and pristine. The sun creates a sparkle over the blanketed land. Mist rises from running water, trees shine in the sunlight and mountains stand more majestically with their snow-capped peaks. Cold temperatures lead many people to curl up inside, which leaves a quiet and serene world for those of us willing to venture out...
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