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27 Images Of Stunning Storms

Storms, whether approaching, leaving or right in the middle of the action, make for some dramatic landscape photography. The safety of the photographer and their gear is of the utmost importance when embarking on a photography adventure like this. But you can observe these incredible scenes from the safety of your phone or computer screen. We scoured our galleries for images of some of the most stunning storms that our readers have submitted and created the slideshow below...
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Behind The Shot: Sonoran Lyresnake

Challenging shoots are what keep me addicted to photography, and capturing nocturnal creatures in their habitats is one of those challenges. The first objective in a shoot like this, as with any wildlife photograph, is to find the beast...
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Wonder Endlessly Under The Night Sky

“There are few things that can match the overwhelming sense of wonder felt when you’re looking up at a sky full of stars,” says photographer Jack Fusco. “Keeping that strong sense of wonder is what makes me want to head in to the middle of nowhere in the dark, to climb across wet rocks and dodge waves to capture something new. That feeling is something that I hoped to capture with this timelapse.”..
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Astrophotography 101

When it comes to taking photos of the night sky, we often find ourselves driving and hiking hours from any artificial light source, relying only on the stars and airglow in the atmosphere to light our entire frame. The conditions for astrophotography can prove to be very challenging to shoot in and push our gear to its limit. To come back with the best possible image, it’s important to head out with the right gear at the right time...
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Orbiting an average of 238,855 miles from Earth, the moon has been capturing the imagination of humankind throughout history. Being the closest celestial object to our home, it was long viewed as a divine, spiritual being to early civilizations. The moon has played a starring role in many cultures and influenced much of our daily life: calendars, languages, mythology and, of course, art. Artists have looked to the moon for guidance, from prehistoric cave paintings to Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night...
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