The Diamond Celebration 2015


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  • Published on: 27-Feb-2015
  • Posted by: @lm!ng

The Diamond Celebration 2015

This is the whole activity when we celebrated the 75th Birthday of our beloved Mama - the Diamond Celebrant. It was a really short preparation but with the support of our family, relatives and friends as well as the vendors, we made it a successful and unforgetable celebration. Our initial plan was to celebrate Mama's day in her home with her relatives, but being a Diamond celebrant I decided to make it more special for Mama. First person I contacted was Vhon asking him if he has plans of going home on Mama's birthday. He said, they were planning to travel back to Calamba and celebrate it a day before her birthday. Suggested to him, we could have a tribute program and thanksgiving party for Mama, not in her home but somewhere and it should be a surprise. There were some complications, like I may not be able to go home to spear head the event, Mama has her own preparations for her birthday, those people I've assigned in different committees may not partipate, not enough time to create the presentation, or someone from the invited guests might tell Mama about the event. Honestly, I was a bit stressed doing it, I was feeling good about it. I was feeling good doing it despite of sleepless nights. During the preparation, I did not miss contacting my other two brothers: Kuya Rommel and Ingko Omar. I asked them to prepare video message for Mama. They have been so supportive emotionally, financially and contributed some ideas for the tribute program and party. Getting cheaper tickets was tough and was still waiting for my boss approval for my leaves, plus a new project requested at work and need to be completed for 2 days before I leave. It was really exhausting but I couldn't sleep thinking of a lot of things I needed to do. All those efforts, sacrificies and prayers fell into place, we made our mission possible. We made Mama cried with tears of joy, me as well and everyone who loves Mama. Enjoy this full video.




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