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Eyes to the Skies

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Sunday, 3rd July 2016

Eyes to the Skies is an annual Hot Air Balloon Festival during the 4th of July weekend. Every year the Festival committee expects about 80,000 people flock to Lisle, Illinois to attend this event.

This event started in 1992 organized by Lisle Fourth of July Committee, and since then it has been considered as one of the Chicagoland's largest summer festivals. About 300 residents in the city of Lisle lend their hand to volunteer every year to make this festival a memorial event for everyone.

Beautiful photo. Credits: maldito
Credits: maldito

With its popularity, Eyes to the Skies received some numerous recognizations such as listed in Top 100 Tourist Destinations for six times by the American Bus Association, Best Festival by West Suburban Living Magazine readers, an Illinois Festival Hall of Famer and a lot more.  What to expect in this annual event? The highlights are the colorful hot air balloons as it launches and as it glows in the dark.  They also have a carnival, food court, children's playground area and the fireworks at night. I've managed to take video and pictures of the event. Here's the video clip I called "The Quick Burst"

What a wonderful 4th of July! Indeed it will glue your "eyes to the skies"!


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