Tea with Swiss Family


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Tea with Swiss Family

Travel Date:

Wednesday, 28th May 2014

At Swiss countryside, we visited a 16th century storehouse located in Mr. Hans and Mrs. Honey's property. Upon entering, we were greeted by Mr. Han's wife with a smile and she served us with homemade pastries, Alpine Swiss Cheese, coffee and tea. It felt like we were visiting relatives like your Uncle and Aunt in the province. We appreciated the warm welcome, showcasing the storehouse and of course the yummy food!

Around the storehouse backyard, we noticed a garden of vegetables and flowers maintained by the owner. We saw some lettuce planted in the garden bed and those pretty flowers were delightful. They also put up a cozy picnic area for the tourists where you can rest, mingle and enjoy the good food. Inside the storehouse, is a sort of a museum displaying old tools, some bells and a world map. Hubby and I pinned our hometowns.

We found this tourist board which explains about the Storehouse of the Ey:

"There are a few storehouses to admire here and there along the pathway. They were used to store provisions such as cheese and grain. This particularly fine building here in the Ey dates back to 1634. It was supposedly built by the master-builer Baltzer Bieler.  There is no cellar.  The double layer of wooden oak blocks lies directly on the stone foundation.  The finely decorated posts are specially worth noticing. The actual wooden block stairs led to the room where the cheese was traditionally kept.  Alpine cheese was still stored here until 1980.  Grain, dried fruit and air dried meat were kept on the second floor. There are decorative friezes under the small windows which were once fitted with round bull-eye's windows. The balconies are decorated on right with beautiful grooved friezes. This storehouse still displays the original type of roofing with larch shingles, which normally last 30 years. "

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