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Ostaria Ae Botti

Ostaria Ae Botti is an Italian restaurant along the Fondamenta Sant'Eufemia street, in Venice away from busy areas like San Marco. The place is a walking distance from the Hilton Milano Stucky Hotel where we stayed.

When we arrived at this Osteria, I noticed this large terrace overlooking the Canal of the Guidecca. The restaurant offers a magnificent view when you decided to dine in outside. We proceeded right away inside the restaurant since we have reservation. The restaurant is quite beautiful like the soft lightings on their dining area, stone walls and when you looked up, you'll see those ceiling beams made of wood.

There were more than 30 people in our tour group, so I guess it would be too crowded if we sat in the regular dining area. We were guided walk towards a small alley and when we came out, I saw this beautiful courtyard right in front of us. Our group had our exclusive dining experience at this cozy place.

This restaurant offers a classic Venetian menu. Well, how was the food? Where else do you want to eat Italian food, but in Italy? We had bread sticks for our appetizer and pasta that was so delicious! I was expecting it would be the usual sour Italian pasta, but I was wrong. It was sweet which I can say it was made from fresh tomatoes. The dessert is lovely too, it was like a strawberry mousse.

Had I great time at this restaurant and happy to share the table with our new found friends.

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