Traditional Thai Barbeque: Mookata

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Traditional Thai Barbeque: Mookata

please click for source A fragrant morsel of lard is first hoisted on the top of the dome, then left to swathe the surface with a slick for grilling the meats and seafood. The blistered lardons are the highlight of Mookata; pop the unctuous cubes into your mouth and let them erupt with a satisfying crunch.

The meal begins like any ordinary barbecue, but only with extraordinary charcoal. Underneath your grilling grate lies a special type of white charcoal, termed "binchō-tan" - noteworthy for its ability to cook ingredients thoroughly to a beautiful sear. This means that it retains maximum flavour without charring. It is typically used for finer grilling of meats such as the Japanese yakitori and unagi as the odourless smoke aids in the retaining of the meat's pure flavour this web page.

This, of course, all changes when you add meat to the grill. As the fats and oils drip onto the binchotan, tantalizing smokiness wafts from the grilling grate as salivating onlookers twitch with excitement. The well-marinated meats hiss and sizzle into hunks of supple flesh, with deeply-caramelized, crusty edges continue reading.

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