New Medieval Series




New Medieval Series

Do you like the top rated TV show from HBO "Game of Thrones" or the "Vikings" from History Channel? If you do, then you might like these two new TV shows recently released.

The Last Kingdom is based on novels about Saxons by Bernard Cornwell. It is the story of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a Saxon boy who was kidnapped and raised by the Danes where he grew up with Earl Ragnar family. He was first treated as a slave but then later he was treated as their son. Then later he will become a warrior for King Alfred the Great and his son Edward in fighting and fulfilling Alfred's dream in forming kingdoms to become one country -- England. This BBC TV show was just aired on 10 October 2015 and now on its 2nd episode. Uhtred, the main actor, is played by Alexander Dreymon has been rated with 8.7 by IMDB. More details on The Last Kingdom.

The Bastard Executioner, a show directed by Kurt Sutter, who created Sons of Anarchy. It's a Robin Hood like the storyline about a warrior named Wilken Brattle, a peasant farmer who had lost his wife and unborn child in a massacre in his village due to collection tax dispute led by  “Baron” Erik Ventris.  He was spared from death when a child apparition implores Wilken to lay down his sword and follow the path of a different man -- a journeyman punisher (executioner). The program was released on 15 September 2015 and it's still showing. See more of The Bastard Executioner.

Reviews on each show to be followed. Shows not appropriate for children, contains some nudity and violence.

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