Safe Haven (2013)


A young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport, North Carolina where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that haunts her.
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One of the best romantic movies I've seen in 2013, a heart warming and a heart pounding film. I like the location where they shot this movie in Southport, North Carolina which is a popular filming location like the TV series Dawson's Creek, Under the Dome, and Matlock. You might find the place familiar as you watched the movie because they also fimed these movies: I Know What You Did Last Summer, Summer Catch, Domestic Disturbance, Crimes of the Heart, Nights in Rodanthe and A Walk to Remember.

I found Katie(Julianne Hough) and Alex(Josh Duhamel) a perfect couple for this movie, a special bond making it more romantic. But what I most like about this movie is it's not focusing on the relationship between Katie and Alex but it also shows family, relationship, letting go and acceptance. I won't forget the two wonderful kiddos Josh (Noah Lomax) and Lexei (Mimi Kirkland), adding humor and color in most of the scenes. David Lyons as the character of "Tierney" who also starred in TV series Revolution as Sebastian 'Bass' Monroe is an affective villain.

Another plus point, is the power pack of these two: the story is based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks (author of "The Notebook") and Lasse Hallström as the director. Watch this film with your hubby, lover or the whole family, if you want to feel good and smile.

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