Cake Artist In The Making?




Cake Artist In The Making?

I've seen a lot of fondant cakes beautifully crafted, very intricate and personalized. Proud of those people with creative minds, hearts and hands who devoted time, trying to make the cake perfect! I used to order such cake from my cake artist friend back home. She's pretty much amazing and very talented! Last month was my hubby's birthday month and I decided to make a personalize birthday cupcakes. During the planning stage, it was so exiting then I realized there were so much to do and to prepare like the sugar paste, putting up colors, baking the muffins and creating cupcake toppers. Honestly, It was stressful when I knew I had to make 35 toppers and was running out of time. The theme that I was creating -- "Hubby's Favorite Things". Never mind the stress, time or the money spent for this experiment as long as it's for hubby!

Viola! These are my creations. I know these were not perfect and I need more practice. What I need to do is to research more, explore, try and learn from the experts. I'm still pleased with the outcome. With new found hobby, I felt this would help me unleash my creativity. Hoping and praying to be a better Cake Artist soon.

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